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Recap MNFCU 2018

Thank you for supporting all of the great changes this year!

Thank you for being our member and having so much patience with us this year. We know that our system upgrade was eventful, but we now have a more protected, and updated system for your information. We promise it was a positive gain. All of our employees did a great deal of training and did amazing with the launch. We greatly appreciate all of them also for their time, patience, and commitment. We have a great team here at Metro North and are thankful for that every day.

It has been a year of positive changes and community assistance. Our new website and logo were a great facelift that has been needed for a long time. It is great to know that we are stepping into this new year with positive attitudes, and a fresh new look.

Between donations, and your candy bar purchases you have helped us donate to Christmas in action, Jacobson quinn toy project, Holly Kiwanis, Paws for life, both holly and Waterford areas for school projects, and Open Door Pantry. We also had a successful food drive in both branches to help those in need around Thanksgiving.

Thank you for being so caring. We appreciate all of you.

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