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You may have qualified for a Credit Line Increase!

Check your statements or reach out to your credit union representative for more details.

MasterCard | Effective Date: November 30, 2018
Name APR* (as low as)
MasterCard & Share Secured MasterCard


Other APRs Balance Transfer: as low as 9.75% APR

Cash Advances: as low as 9.75% APR

Returned Payment Fee $25.00
Grace Period 25 Days
Balance Calculation Method For Purchases Average Daily Balance (including new purchase)
Late Payment Fee $25.00
Minimum Finance Charge $0.50
Returned Convenience Check Fee $25.00
Card Replacement Fee $10.00
Document Copy Fee $2.00
Emergency Card Replacement Fee $30.00
Pay-by-Phone Fee $10.00
Rush Fee $30.00
Statement Copy Fee $2.00

You have the right to reject these changes. However, if you reject these changes you will not be able to use your account for new transactions. If you wish to exercise your right to reject these changes, please contact your financial institution.

These disclosures are accurate as of September 2018. They are subject to change periodically. Contact the credit union at (248) 674-0491 or write to us at 4594 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford, MI 48328 for information on any changes to the above disclosure.

Recap MNFCU 2017 – We enjoyed getting out into the community this year-

  • Learning about all of the good that Forgotten Harvest accomplishes while working in their gardens.
  • Watching a home get fixed in one magical day through the help of so many volunteers through Christmas in Action.
  • Feeling humbled and grateful for our veterans who have lost their lives for our freedom while scrubbing headstones at the National cemetery.

We would also like to give a huge shout out. We really do have the most amazing members. Your capacity for caring and sharing has aided us in helping so many charities this year. Between your donations, and your candy bar purchases you have helped us donate to Christmas in action, Jacobson quinn toy project, Holly Kiwanis, Paws for life, both holly and Waterford areas for school projects, and Open Door Pantry. Thank you for being so caring. We appreciate all of you.

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