Best Credit Union Credit Cards

Tired of regular credit cards that drive up your bill with hidden fees and unexpected increased interest rates? Come to Metro North Federal Credit Union where our credit cards have no hidden fees and fixed interest rates to best serve you.

The Problem with Bank Credit Cards

Credit cards from banks can cost you more money than credit union credit cards.

At banks, there is no cap on interest rates, while federal law caps credit union interest rates at 18%. Due to this, bank credit cards tend to have higher interest rates. Most banks will continuously charge you for random fees and increase your interest after the first late payment.

Credit Union Credit Cards Work Best with No Hidden Fees

Other credit cards have hidden fees that can increase your credit card bill. Metro North Federal Credit Union’s MasterCard comes with no hidden fees, including:

  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Annual Fee and
  • No Account Maintenance Fee
MNFCU members won’t be penalized for transfers or advances due to our fixed interest rates.

At MNFCU, our interest rates are as low as 9.75%, compared to the average of 21.00%. Many other credit cards have various penalty interest rates, but our members won’t be penalized for balance transfers or cash advances–our interest rates are fixed.

The Best Credit Union Credit Cards at MNFCU

Ready to apply for a credit card at Metro North Federal Credit Union? Contact us to learn more about our credit card with no hidden fees and fixed interest rates, today!

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