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Ready for a student loan with lower interest rates, discounts and flexible repayment options? Come to Metro North Federal Credit Union, where you can get the a competitive student loan from a local, not-for profit lender.

Student Loans with Lower Interest Rates

The annual percentage interest rate for our student loans is between 7% and 8%.

At MNFCU, our Student Choice student loans were made to help pay for college after other methods of financial aid have been exhausted. To keep college as affordable as possible, we offer a student loan with low interest rates. The annual percentage interest rate is currently between 7% and 8%.

Get Flexible Repayment Options & Discounts on Student Loans

We understand that you have a lot of payments after graduating college. Not only does MNFCU offer low interest rates, but we offer a 0.25% discount during repayment. Borrowers qualify for the discount when:

  • Your loan is in full repayment during the repayment or draw period
  • You set up automatic electronic payments

At MNFCU, we know loans are not one-size-fits all. To accommodate all borrowers, we offer a variety of repayment options, including:

  • Interest-only payment during school
  • Make full payments during school
  • Defer principal and interest payments until six months after graduation or
  • Lower repayments for the first two years after graduation

Borrow the Best Student Loan with MNFCU

Tired of looking at student loans with high interest rates and few repayment options? Apply for a private student loan with Metro North Financial Credit Union. Contact us or apply online, today!

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