Thinking about joining a credit union but aren’t sure about how to choose the right one? We can help with that. With a credit union, you become a member, rather than becoming another account holder at a bank. As a new member, there are some key things to look for in order to determine which credit union is right for your busy life.

Find A Location Near You

What’s the first thing to consider when looking for a credit union? Convenience! Whether you want something close to home or work, choose a location accessible to your area. Make sure the credit union fits into your life and has branches and ATMs in your neighborhood.

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Insist On Good Customer Service

This one is self-explanatory. When picking a financial institution, be sure to take time and notice how friendly the workers are. Don’t settle for a location with less than exceptional customer service. Instead, insist on quality. As a new member, you will appreciate the little things, like being greeted by a smile.

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Be Picky About Features

When you have a credit union in mind, it is time to ask about what services this branch can offer you. Make your decision based on benefits that matter to you. Whether it’s yielding high interest rates, paying low interest or getting a loan of any kind, choose a credit union with features you care about. Being picky now can help you later on.

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Choose Metro North Federal Credit Union

When choosing the right credit union for your life, you need to think ahead. While you may not consider things like CDs or interest rates now, you may need them in the future. Because of this, MNFCU offers a variety of products and services to grow with you. To find out more, visit with one of our friendly financial partners, today.