Credit Union Home Equity Loan

If you have good equity on your home, taking out an equity loan is easy and offers low interest rates. Be free to finally start that remodeling project, consolidate your bills or take your dream vacation. A credit union home equity loan gives you the freedom to do it all without disrupting your existing living expenses.

Great for Lenders

A major benefit to credit union home equity loans is that they are great for lenders. With your house as collateral, MNFCU will feel more comfortable loaning you the money. Not to mention, the likelihood of receiving a home equity loan is higher than that of other loans. Plus, the more equity in your home, the higher the loan amount may be.

Research the Best Home Equity Loan for You


Just like anything else, you need to make sure this loan works for your lifestyle. Know the total amount you will need and how much repayment you can realistically afford. Here are a few tips to try to make sure you’re getting the best loan:


  • Make sure you have a good credit score
  • Ensure that your credit reports are accurate
  • Make a detailed plan for your expenses
  • Decide whether you want to include insurance or not

Find a Credit Union Home Equity Loan With MNFCU

At Metro North Federal Credit Union, you can get a home equity loan to pay for whatever you need. We offer many terms and rates for every type of lender. Our APR rates are as low as 5.13% with a 5 year term. Learn more about credit union home equity loans by visiting your local MNFCU branch or by contacting us.

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*All Rates and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Additional charges could apply such as late payment fees and/or fees listed in contractual agreement. Model years 10 years old or less in NADA. See branch for more details.