You’re planning your next road trip with your best friend, but you hit a speed bump: you need a new car. Public transportation is convenient, but can’t get you everywhere you need to go. A new car will break the bank, so what are you to do?

Don’t Ride Alone

When you’re looking for an auto loan, you need to make sure you’re with the right people. If you don’t feel comfortable with the bank/credit union, you should leave. Just because a consultant is giving you their time, doesn’t mean you owe them a loan contract.

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Have An Idea Of A Good Auto Loan

If an online application is more your speed, MNFCU has an auto loan calculator. The loan calculator goes through all the steps of in-house professionals but with the convenience of staying home. The calculator steps are easy, some of the following requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle Price (before tax)
  • Down Payment
  • Trade in amount, and more!

TIP: Auto loan calculators can be extremely helpful for determining what loan fits into your budget.

Take It For A Test Drive

When you find the right auto loan/ used car for you, give the car a test drive! Don’t let the excitement of the perfect loan get in the way of the car’s performance. You should always double check that the car can do what you need it to, drive!

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Finance Your Next Car With MNFCU

Get behind the wheel with an auto loan from Metro North Federal Credit Union. Not only can you get advice from a trusted professional, but you will feel better with the right loan to fit your lifestyle.