You need to lock down a job before you graduate, preferably. College loan debt will be off the leash soon, chasing you around the field of finance. Increase your chances of employment by following these tips on how to get a job after college.

Network, Network, Network

The term networking has been thrown in your face since freshman year, but a lot of people are confused on what networking really is. Networking is not a fake smile nor is it an elevator pitch. Here are a few tips for successful networking:

  • Talk like you would to a good friend – just make sure to keep it politically correct.
  • Be confident – eye contact and body language tell a lot.
  • Be nice – extremely qualified individuals who are unfriendly are hard to hire.
  • Stay in touch – Add others on LinkedIn and other professional social media platforms.

Build a Great Portfolio

Throughout your time in college, what did you do? Get a 4.0? Join clubs? A portfolio shows an employer what you’ve done. If a project is brought up during the interview, you now have physical evidence of your hard work. A good portfolio won’t guarantee you a job, but it will put you above the rest.

Dress to Impress

When you interview for a job you can never overdress, but you can underdress. Plan your outfit the day before the interview to prevent last minute disasters. Give off the air of professionalism by dressing to impress, however, don’t fill your “air of professionalism” with too much cologne.

Keep Pushing Yourself

If you don’t land a job immediately, don’t give up! Send your application everywhere and keep interviewing. Even if the employer is not your “dream job,” it’s still getting your name in the door. In times of unemployment, look for freelance work or post-grad internships to help give you more experience.

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