Most of us share the desire to get better at saving money. Whether your goal is to save more or to just spend less, getting started can be difficult. Here are some tips we offer to help you build your savings.

Plan Ahead With A Detailed Shopping List

At the beginning of each month, take some time to make a list of everything you think you will need. When you hit the grocery store make sure you take your list with you and stick to it. Don’t stray, regardless of what’s on sale. Listing your needs ahead of time will allow you to stay on task and not overspend.

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collectionStop Collecting and Start Saving

Unnecessary stuff- we all have it. The problem with collecting is that we make the choice to hold on to what we don’t need when we could be cutting back and saving more money. Get rid of the extra things you own and try to sell them. You will be making a good financial decision for yourself and love that giving feeling.

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Use the 30-Day Rule Before Making a Purchase

Another way to save money is to use the 30-day rule. The idea is simple: whenever possible, wait 30 days before making a big purchase. With this technique, you protect your savings from dangerous impulse buys. If you still want the item after a month, go back to the store or website and purchase it.

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