New Visa Debit Card

Metro North Federal Credit Union is excited to bring our members the most used payment card in the U.S.:



As a valued member of Metro North Federal Credit Union, you deserve the very best in financial convenience. That’s why we will soon be sending you a NEW METRO NORTH VISA DEBIT CARD to replace your current Metro North MasterCard Debit Card.

The amount for purchases made using your new Visa Debit Card will come from your checking account, just like always. And of course, you can always use your new Visa Debit Card at ATMs.
This switch brings you Visa’s State-of-the-art capabilities while keeping the highly-competitive low fees you enjoy today.

Watch your mail carefully in late April for important mailings, including your new visa debit card and PIN number.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand the transition from our current Metro North MasterCard Debit Card to the NEW Metro North Visa Debit Card:

Why is Metro North moving from MasterCard to Visa?

Metro North is changing Vendors to provide our members with better options for their debit cards. The switch from MasterCard to Visa will also help us and our members distinguish between our MasterCard Credit Card and our Visa Debit Card.

Will this affect my Metro North MasterCard Credit Card?

No. You will still be able to use your MasterCard Credit Card as you always have. This is strictly our Debit Cards that are changing.

Are there costs or fees associated with replacing my MasterCard with a new Visa Debit Card?

No. We are replacing ALL MasterCard Debit Cards with Visa Debit Cards at no expense to our members.

What happens if I lose or need to replace my new Visa Debit Card?

Our fees will remain the same. $10.00 for a new or replacement Debit Card and $3.00 for a Pin Reminder.

Will my new Metro North Visa Debit Card have the same features as my MasterCard Debit Card?

Yes. You will continue to have the same features with your new Visa Debit card.

How many free access ATMs will I be able to use?

You will still have access to over 30,000 ATMS nationwide. You can continue to use the same ATMs you have always used. AND, you will soon have the ability to block and unblock your card in our Touch Banking Mobile APP.

Who will provide Customer Service for my new Metro North Visa Debit Card?

Metro North will continue to handle transaction review, limits, address changes, etc. However, fraud cases will now be handled directly with our Fraud Department.

The number for FRAUD is:  800-543-5073

What can I do to make sure I receive my new Visa Debit Card?

Make sure your address, email and phone numbers are up to date with Metro North. You can make changes in Online Banking, send a signed note in to Metro North with the changes, or drop by during our regular business hours.

What if I haven’t received my new Visa Debit Card and it’s almost May 8?

Call Metro North. There is a chance it is sitting in our offices. If you address is incorrect in our system, the card will be returned to our offices. Also, if you have a forwarding order on file with the Post Office, the cards will be returned to us. There is no forwarding allowed on our Debit Cards. If the card is not here, we will be able to order you one.

When will my new Metro North Visa Debit Card arrive?

You should receive your new Visa Debit Card no later than May 1. But remember, you cannot use it until May 8th.

Will my new Metro North Visa Debit Card include EMV Chip Technology?

Yes. All new Visa cards will include the chip technology.

What is Chip Technology?

The Embedded microchip in the EMV Debit Cards provides unique data specific to your card and the transactions being processed. This chip encrypts your personal and purchase information into a unique code. These security measures make your chip card difficult to counterfeit. Chip cards are already being used in most countries around the world, resulting in a reduction of card fraud.

Will I receive a new card number and pin with my new Metro North Visa Debit Card?

Yes. This will come a few days after the Visa Debit Card.

How and when can I activate my new Metro North Visa Debit Card?

You can activate your new Visa Debit Card on May 8th and start using it that day.

You can activate your new card at either our Waterford or Holly ATMs, or you can bring your card into either branch and our associates can activate your card for you.

If I have more than one cardholder on my account, will I receive all of my new Metro North Visa Debit Card at the same time?

Yes, within a few days.

Is there a way to keep my Metro North MasterCard Debit Card?

No. All Metro North debit cards will be changing to Visa.

My old MasterCard Debit Card does not expire for a while, can I continue using my MasterCard until expiration?

No. Your MasterCard Debit Card will deactivate on May 8, 2017. You should activate and use your NEW Visa Debit Card on that day.

Will my card number change?

Yes. Your card number, expiration date and security code will change. You will need to notify any service providers or merchants who regularly bill your card or have it on file such as online shopping sites, Netflix, Amazon, gym memberships, etc. And don’t forget to update your bill pay service if you use one to regularly pay your bills with your debit card information.

Will my pin number change?

Yes, your pin number will change. You will receive a new pin in the mail a few days after your new Visa Debit Card.

Can I choose my pin for my new Metro North Visa Debit Card?

Yes, you can still change your pin number at either of our ATMs and you can also call the number on the back of the card and do it over the phone.

The Phone Number to call to change your pin over the phone:  866-297-3411

When will my current Metro North MasterCard Debit Card stop working?

May 8, 2017. Your MasterCard Debit will not be accepted anywhere after May 8th. You will need to activate your new Visa Debit Card and start using that on that date.

When can I start to use my Metro North Visa Debit Card?

May 8, 2017

Will my new Metro North Visa Debit Card be accepted by most merchants and ATMs?

Absolutely! Visa is the world’s largest retail electronics payment network and is widely accepted by merchants and ATMs all over the world. You’ll be able to use your new card at most places.

Will I be able to add my new Metro North Visa Debit Card to Apple Pay?

Yes, you will be able to add your new Visa debit card to Apple Pay as you do today.

What are the new Daily Cash limits for my new Metro North Visa Debit Card?


What are the Daily POS limits for my new Metro North Visa Debit Card?


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