Private Student Loans

Returning to school can be scary and expensive. Between tuition, books and other scholastic supplies, it can often become overwhelming. Don’t let the stress of money hinder you from your education. With a private student loan from Metro North Federal Credit Union, paying for college can be easy and stress-free.

Low Interest Rates

MNFCU’s private student loans are designed to help you when all other financial aid options have been exhausted. Striving to offer affordable private student loans, we ensure our interest rates are low. Our annual percentage rate (APR) is between 7.00% and 8.00%.

Convenient Private Student Loans

Private student loans have never been easier. Whether you’re researching, applying or making a payment, you can do so from the comfort of your home. Our convenient interactive map allows you to browse over 2,000 schools to find which are eligible for our private student loans. This helps you find the perfect amount to borrow.

Private Student Loans
Private Student Loans

More Than Just Private Student Loans

MNFCU offers numerous resources to help you become more educated on your college financing options. From your beginning research into private student loans all the way to post-graduation payments, MNFCU is your one-stop shop for all college financial advice. Learn more about funding your education with MNFCU.

Choose MNFCU For Your College Financial Needs

All of us at MNFCU care about your education and are here to help. Our private student loan is the perfect option to fill in the gaps left by other financial aid sources. Apply now or give us a call for more information at (947) 222-4790.

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