Used Car Financing

Life without a car is extremely difficult. Rather than spending all of your hard earned money on a brand new vehicle, financing a used car might be a better option. Used cars have benefits you don’t get with new vehicles, like lower prices and greater variety on year and model. Here is everything you need to know about used car financing.

Overcoming A Serious Speed Bump

You need a car, but you don’t want it to drain your savings account. The problem you’re facing affects more people than you think. If you’re ready to invest in a car, but can’t afford a brand new vehicle, then financing a used car is the perfect solution for you.

Consider The Bigger Picture

Financing a vehicle offers you the perks of having a new car without having to empty your savings accounts. That being said, it is still a big investment. Here are some of the things to consider when financing a used car:

      • Is the vehicle is in good condition?
      • Has a (trustworthy) mechanic inspected the car?
      • What will it cost you (price, insurance, interest, etc.)?
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Look For A Good Deal

Don’t let yourself get locked into a deal you can’t afford. Oftentimes, even when you find a reasonable price, interest rates can inflate the cost you have to pay. Instead of spending too much, utilize car finders and rate calculators to find you a quality car that will fit into your budget.

Finance A Used Car With MNFCU

With Metro North Federal Credit Union, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your auto loan. We offer pre-approval, quick turnover time and rates as low as 1.99% APR for members who finance a used car. Learn more about how to finance a used car by visiting your local MNFCU branch or by contacting us.

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