Buying a house can be one of the most rewarding yet frustrating times in a person’s life. With so many potential properties, it can be difficult determining which listings are worth a look, and even harder to choose your future home. As you begin visiting listings in your area, make sure to look for these key features.

Establish Your Must-Haves

Before you begin looking for the house of your dreams, it’s important to establish your deal breakers. Create a list of features that absolutely must be included with the house, such as a specific square footage, walk-in closet or a finished basement. Stick to your preferences and avoid viewing listings without these features.

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Study the Structure

It can be easy to get caught up in the color scheme and decor of a home. However, these features are all easily changeable. Instead, when looking to buy a house, focus on the structural elements such as appliances, foundation and electrical wiring. If these features are not up to your standards, move on to other listings.

The Five Senses

Pay attention to your senses when walking through your potential homes. Keep track of any drafts, cracks in the drywall, unpleasant odors or any other sensory details. Then, determine whether or not these are easily fixable or if they mean moving on to another listing.

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Look at the Land

Just as important as the home itself, pay attention to the surrounding property. If the yard, neighborhood or street are in poor condition, these may be more difficult to correct than the house itself. Specific things to look for include, but are not limited to:

  • Yard Size and Care
  • Animal Holes
  • Poorly Maintained Streets
  • Shared Driveways, and more!

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